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My Principal is a Douchebag is not simply a place to vent rage directed anonymously at the hapless, anti-intellectual feebs who routinely hijack our public schools, but also a place to speak candidly about the dehumanizing experiences of educators everywhere.  Suzy Schoolmarm, a seasoned teacher of twenty-five years in the warzone,  will model  the corrrect way to rage against the education machine, taking prisoners without naming names.  All resemblance to actual places and situations are purely coincidental, but if the uncomfortable shoe fits…wear it. To avoid the self-righteous editing pen Suzy keeps tucked behind her ear, please avoid all mention of specific names and places.  Remember, public shaming events are the exclusive domain of the Douchebag Principal in his desperate play for authority over a faculty and staff who think circles around him.  Not that there is any pretense of a moral high ground here.  No, Douchebag encourages brutal honesty as a way of purging the toxic bile that plagues teachers, poisons relationships, destroys mental health, and feeds tumors.  As it turns out, it is not “all about the children”;  it is about the angry-as-hell teachers who are trying to teach children in increasingly dehumanizing circumstances.  Join the revolution as Suzy blogs and tweets about her own rage, samples the best of teacher rage from contributors, and links to other sites that broaden our horizons on this most pressing concern of the overworked and underpaid educator: unmitigated RAGE! My Principal is a Douchebag is your home for all things relevant to teacher anger.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Suzy, thank you for stopping, liking, and following my blog recently. I look forward to following and sharing what needs to change in our current educational system. Your blog reminded me of a quote I read in Mike Seymour’s Education for Humanity where a teacher said their happiness was essential to the happiness found in their classroom.”

    Take care,


    • My pleasure! Always interested in and appreciative of what others on the frontlines have to say. I’ll definitely check out the Mike Seymour book! I’m convinced he is right on target. if we don’t take steps to defuse teacher anger now, it will surely explode!

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